The Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Mounted Artillery has been built!

Throughout the centuries, the Polish cavalry had been the army’s elite and pride. The repressive post-WWII communist government of People’s Republic of Poland purposefully destroyed its ethos as a symbol of independent Poland of the interwar period. 

For more than 20 years, the enthusiasts who later formed organisations such as the Battle of Komarow Association have been rebuilding the proper image of cavalry and cavalrymen. Caring for the memory of the last great cavalry battle, which (along with the Battle of Warsaw) stopped the Soviet march into western Europe in 1920, they have led to the creation of the Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Mounted Arillery.

At the heart of these victories are people: highly individualistic, extremely well-trained, innovative in action Polish cavalry soldiers. Brave, honourable and devoted to their cause. Full of dreams and plans for the future.  

With the monument in Wolica Sniatycka, the whole community commemorated the cavalrymen who, over the centuries, gave their health and lives for the freedom of our country. However, our quest to commemorate the Polish cavalry does not end with the construction of a monument.

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