Build with us the Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Mounted Artillery!

Throughout the centuries, the Polish cavalry had been the army’s elite and pride. The repressive post-WWII communist government of People’s Republic of Poland purposefully destroyed its ethos as a symbol of independent Poland of the interwar period. 

We, the Association “Battle of Komarów” work to restitute the image of cavalry and its men and to commemorate the last great victory of cavalry in the history of wars. On August 31, 1920 at Komarów Poles won with the Soviets.

That victorious cavalry battle, together with the victory of the Polish army over the Soviets at the Battle of Warsaw effectively stopped the march of communism to the west of Europe. The people at the heart of these victories are Polish cavalry soldiers: highly individualistic, extremely well-trained, innovative in action. Brave, honourable and devoted to their cause. Full of dreams and plans for the future.  

Today, we want to remember all cavalrymen over the centuries who fought for freedom. Help us do that!

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