The victorious Battle of Komarów on August 31, 1920 in the Polish-Soviet War is very little known by Poles – and the Europeans. Yet, this victorious battle has a huge significance for the fate of Poland and Europe.

The vision of our Association is to return the Battle of Komarów to an appropriate place among other great victories of cavalry. We want to assure that it exists in the consciousness of the contemporary Poles as an important event in the building of Independent Poland.

Our mission is to guard the memory about the largest cavalry battle of the 20th century.

Our plans, aspirations and hopes:

  • Education about the Battle of Komarów

    The Association strives to educate widely about the Battle, its genesis, course and ethos in the Interbellum Poland. It also wants to education about its participants and persons fighting the Soviet regime.

  • Values which do not change

    Through activities directed especially at youth we wish to make the young generation aware that in 1920 young people in cavalry were similar to youth today. Despite a huge distance in time - a 100 years - young people were as diverse as kids today, full of dreams and plan for the future. They wanted the same things as youth today: to live in a peaceful, free country where one can grow and be successful. Through education we want to rebuild the image of a cavalryman, destroyed by the communists.

  • Consolidation of the contemporary cavalry community - Cavalry of Komarów

    For a number of years the Association has worked with volunteers who as cavalry come to Komarów every year to reenact the Battle and bring it to the wider public. The most devoted persons receive an honorary Cavalry of Komarów badge. We hope to further consolidate the community of voluntary cavalry across Poland. We continue to invite new persons to cultivate cavalry traditions.

  • Centre for Cavalry Education

    The Association plans to create a Centre for Cavalry Education for cooperation, also international. For a very long time now we have been working toward knowledge exchange on the contemporary cavalry ethos. We have done so through cavalry competitions and manoeuvres / manoeuvrings (?), education trails for the mounted, memory routes, and the promotion of a responsible social attitude.

Our activities:

  • We organise the annual commemorative events of the Battle of Komarów

    We organise the cavalry part of the annual events which commemorate the Battle of Komarów and the national Cavalry Day. Together with the Komarów cavalrymen, volunteers and partner institutions we assure that the commemorations have the right context. We put together the largest in Poland cavalry battle reenactments. This year, for the one hundredth anniversary we plan an incredible event for local and international guests. We encourage you to join us on August 29-30, 2020 at Wolica Śniatycka.

  • We consolidate the cavalry community

    Thanks to our determination and hard work, the Polish state defined the national Cavalry Day on August 31 of each year. We celebrate it during our annual event, encouraging the cavalry community to participate in the already-legendary reenactment. Before the show, we organise mounted manoeuvrings, working with the Polish Army since 2016 (a training practice “Huzar”). Both the cavalry volunteers and the Polish Army are key to the mission of the Association. In between the annual events we work hard to engage their interest and cultivate the passion, especially among the young.

  • We are building the Monument

    We work to build the Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Mounted Artillery, also commemorating the victory at Komarów in 1920. The Monument will physically commemorate the entire Polish cavalry and mounted artillery (and their horses) over the centuries. In this way, we serve the memory of cavalrymen and mounted artillerymen who gave their health and life for Poland's freedom. We make Poles aware, especially the young generation, that there is much to be proud of.

  • We cooperate with the Polish Army

    The cooperation with the Polish Army is of special importance to us. Cavalrymen and artillerymen who fought in the Battle of Komarów were soldiers. That is why the presence of the Army at what Komarów represents is so important today. To popularise the victorious Battle at Komarów, we organize historical lectures inviting Army soldiers to the battlefield. We also actively participate in celebrations organised by cavalry units continuing the traditions of various Cavalry Regiments from before WWII.


We took up the challenge to construct the Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Mounted Artillery, which also contains the Mausoleum of the Battle of Komarów. We are convinced that building the Monument will increase the success of our vision.

The construction project, financed thanks to a subsidy from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, is now approved by the Institute of National Remembrance. As the land owner, we have a valid building permit. An erection act was also signed. Members of the Association “Battle of Komarów” carried out and still do all the work related to the preparation for the construction of the Monument free of charge.

However, the physical  construction of the Monument requires significant funds, therefore we are asking you for financial support. Thank you!

Collection for the Monument

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