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Tomasz Dudek, president of the Association Battle of Komarów (Polish only) | +(48) 601 385 430

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English spoken | + (48) 508 969 499

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Krzywystok Kolonia 15

22-435 Komarów Osada

NIP: 9222910629

KRS: 0000273784

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Bank Pekao S.A. I/O. w Zamościu
nr konta : 67 1240 2816 1111 0010 3469 8856

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PKOPPLPW 67 1240 2816 1111 0010 3469 8856


We undertook the construction of the Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Horse Artillery, which includes the Mausoleum of the Battle of Komarów. We are convinced that building the Monument will significantly increase the success of our vision: that the 1920 Battle of Komarów will return to the right place on the pedestal of Polish cavalry victories and will appear in the minds of contemporary Poles and other Europeans as an important event in building Independent Poland. Work on the Monument required the collection of numerous permits, finalizing the acts of granting the appropriate land to the Association and creating architectural and artistic projects. All these activities are already behind us, and the Association implemented them free of charge, while the technical preparations and construction of the Monument require significant financial outlays. That is why we are asking for financial support. Thank you.

Collection for the Monument

86.875€ of 745.000€ raised
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Donation Total: 50,00€

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