86.875€ of 745.000€ raised

Our Donors

The list of people and institutions that supported the construction of the Monument to the Glory of Cavalry and Mounted Artillery is constantly growing. 

Each payment is an important gesture that will strengthen the society’s awareness of the prowess of Polish cavalry and mounted artillery. It will also help commemorate these amazing people.

The construction of the monument’s structure requires considerable financial outlays. That is why we are asking for your financial support.

Thank you!

Collection for the Monument

86.875€ of 745.000€ raised
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Donation Total: 50,00€

Roman Zawadzki

50,00€ 2020-03-09

Viktoria Herson

25,00€ 2020-02-18

Eric Herson

50,00€ 2020-02-13

Stowarzyszenie Bitwa pod Komarowem

86.750,00€ 2020-02-12

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