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A portrait of General Bolesław Wieniawa – Długoszowski

Presenter: Troopers of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade

The object of this auction is a portrait of General Bolesław Wieniawa – Długoszowski made in pencil, dimensions 33 x 44 cm.
General Adam Marczak of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade presented this picture on behalf of his soldiers during the third General Bolesław Wieniawa – Długoszowski Gala in Krakow on February 1, 2020.
You can bid until 15.02.2020
Minimum bid 450 PLN

Kornel Krzeczunowicz “Leon Sapieha 1883-1944”

Presenter: Anna Wojda

The object of this auction is a Kornel Krzeczunowicz’s book “Leon Sapieha 1883-1944”, published by the author (London: White Eagle Press, 1967). The book bears author’s dedication: “TO A DEAR BROTHER IN ARMS IN TWO WARS”.

The book describes the dramatic history of the last owner of Krasiczyn, nephew of Prince Adam Cardinal Sapieha, cavalry trooper of the 8th Uhlan Regiment, a pilot of the Polish Army and a Home Army soldier who was the epitome of a knight without fear and blemish.

Canvas book binding with a gilded coat of arms LIS. On the dust jacket, a woodcut depicting a Renaissance castle in Krasiczyn. The book is in a very good condition. It has a great collector’s and a sentimental value for the Donor.

Current price 850 PLN

There have been many auctions. Here are a few highlights:

Sabre, model 17

Presenter: Staszek Marnik

Winner: Petroniusz Frejlich

Amount: 7000 PLN

Arabian stalion

Presenter: Petroniusz Frejlich

Winner: Marek Wachna

Amount: 5000 PLN

Porcelain cup with an inscription meaning “we serve the independent Poland 1918-2018”.

Prezenter: Troopers of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade 

Winner: Tomasz Dudek

Amount: 999 PLN

Marine Security Guard Detachment from the US Embassy in Warsaw

Presenter: 25th Air Cavalry Brigade

Winner: Tomek Wujo Zamorski

Amount: 350 PLN


Presenter: Rafał Walendowski

Winner: Karina Dziechciarz

Amount: 700 PLN

Jump with a parachute

Presenter: Aeroklub Warszawski

Winner: Kamil Kubaczyński

Amount: 1300 PLN


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